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$$5 million


North Carolina Central University


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May 12, 1953


Bishop Eddie Long was an American Televangelist, Preacher, Pastor, Actor who had a net worth of $5 million. Eddie Lee Long (aka Bishop Eddie Long) was born May 12, 1953 in Huntersville, North Carolina. He is the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a megachurch in unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, United States, near Lithonia.

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Eddie Lee Long is the senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, author and a businessman with a net worth of $5 million. He has earned his wealth from his associations with the Missionary Baptist Church as a senior pastor. This is a mega church located in Georgia, United States.

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Eddie Long

Nick Name

Bishop Eddie Long

Date of Birth / Age

May 12, 1953

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Source of Wealth / Profession

Preacher, Actor, Televangelist

Salary / Winnings

$5 million





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Present Address

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States



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1.78 m

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$5 Million

Eddie Long Family Information

Father’s Name

Floyd M. Long, Jr.

Mothers Name

Hattie Long

Brother & Sister's

(1 Brother) James Long

Marital Status / Married



Four Children



Eddie Long Education Qualifications

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North Mecklenburg High School

College Name

North Carolina Central University

University Name

Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC)

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Eddie Long Net Worth

Who Is Eddie Long

Eddie Long is a famous Religious Leader, who was born on May 12, 1953 in United States. Senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a megachurch in Georgia.

Following his dismissal from Ford, he moved to Atlanta to study theology and became the pastor of a small Jonesboro, Georgia church. In 1987 he became the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which at the time had around 300 members. Under Long, membership grew to 25,000. The church may be considered part of the Bapticostal movement.

Long married Dabara S. Houston in 1981 and they were divorced soon afterwards. The couple have a son, Edward Long. Houston said she was the victim of “cruel treatment” and was afraid of Long’s “violent and vicious temper,” according to Fulton County Superior Court records. She and her son allegedly “had to flee the couple’s Fairburn home in order to ensure their safety”. Long vigorously denied the allegations and in 1985 Houston was awarded custody of the then 2-year-old son.

Eddie Long' Family :

Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of New Birth Missionary Church in Georgia, passed away from aggressive cancer at 63, leaving behind four children (Edward, Jared, Taylor, and Eric) and his wife Vanessa.

Vanessa and Eddie almost split in 2011 after allegations that he had sexual relationships with young boys, but they called off the divorce a year later. Eddie’s daughter Taylor posted a heartfelt message about her dad on Instagram shortly after he died. Read on for more details about Eddie and his children, grandchildren, his wife, and his brother and parents.

Eddie Long' Education:

Eddie L. Long received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University and a Master of Divinity degree from Interdenominational Theological Center. He has received honorary doctorates from North Carolina Central University, Beulah Heights Bible College of Atlanta and the Morehouse School of Religion. Bishop Long also earned a doctoral Ph.D. in Pastoral Ministry from the International College of Excellence, which is a sister school of Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida.

Eddie Long' Career in Finance:

Whіlе аt thе Nеw Віrth Міѕѕіоnаrу Варtіѕt Сhurсh, Еddіе Lоng dіd brіng аbоut аn іnсrеаѕе іn thе numbеr оf сhurсhmеn frоm аbоut 300 whеn hе јоіnеd tо аbоut 25000 аt thе tіmе оf hіѕ dеаth. Іn mоѕt оf hіѕ ѕеrmоnѕ, hе dеlvеd іntо thе соnсерt оf “сhаіn оf соmmаnd” whісh hе bеlіеvеd tо bе thе dіvіnе оrdеr еѕtаblіѕhеd bу Gоd.

Ассоrdіng tо thе соnсерt, thеrе ехіѕtѕ а сеrtаіn rеlаtіоnѕhір оf dоmіnаnсе аnd ѕubmіѕѕіоn bеtwееn ѕuреrіоrѕ аnd thеіr ѕubоrdіnаtеѕ аnd tо dеfу thіѕ rеlаtіоnѕhір іѕ tо dеfу thе wіll оf Gоd. Dеѕріtе thе mаnу ѕсаndаlѕ thаt оссurrеd durіng hіѕ саrееr, hе wаѕ gіvеn thе tіtlе оf Віѕhор іn thе Full Gоѕреl Варtіѕt Сhurсh Fеllоwѕhір іn 1994 аnd wаѕ сhоѕеn аѕ thе оffісіаtоr оf thе funеrаl оf thе grеаt сіvіl rіghtѕ lеаdеr Маrtіn Luthеr Кіng Јr.’ѕ wіfе Мrѕ Соrеttа Ѕсоtt Кіng іn 2006.

Не аlѕо wrоtе vаrіоuѕ wеll-rесеіvеd bооkѕ, lіkе ‘Yоur Vіѕіоn Іѕ Тоо Ѕmаll,’ ‘Тhе Роwеr оf а Wіѕе Wоmаn,’ ‘Тhе Сhurсh: Lіvіng Wіthоut Lоvе’ аnd ‘Dеlіvеr Ме Frоm Аdаm’ tо nаmе а fеw.

Аѕ оf Маrсh 2022, Тhе tоtаl еѕtіmаtеd nеt wоrth оf Еddіе Lоng аt thе tіmе оf hіѕ dеаth wаѕ аbоut $5 mіllіоn, thаnkѕ tо hіѕ vаrіоuѕ rеаl еѕtаtе buѕіnеѕѕ vеnturеѕ, рrосееdѕ frоm hіѕ Nеw Віrth оrgаnіѕаtіоnѕ аnd thе rоуаltіеѕ hе rесеіvеd fоr hіѕ bооkѕ.

Eddie Long Net Worth Details & History:

In 1987, he became the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church located in Lithonia, Georgia. Over the years, Long increased the church membership of this parish exponentially through his sermons, from 300 to a reported 25,000.

Eddie Long wrote several books during his time as pastor; the most popular are “I Don’t Want Delilah, I Need You”, “Power of a Wise Woman; What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs”, “Gladiator: The Strength of a Man”, “The Blessing in Giving” and others, which also helped raise his wealth..

Long’s most important career events included hosting the funeral of Coretta Scott King, the widow of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr, attended by famous and respected celebrities including Presidents of the US Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

On the other hand, Long was involved in a number of controversies. In 2005, he was accused of personally using revenues from his charity – more than $3 million. In 2007, he was accused of being one of the most homophobic leaders of a religious organization. Later, he came into international media coverage after four criminal complaints against him by youths for sexual abuse in 2010; the pastor denied all the accusations, and in 2011 they were settled out of court, although the terms were not reported. The same year he was the subject of an episode in the television series “Sex Scandals in Religion”, broadcast on Vision TV.

Finally, in the personal life of the pastor, Long was married to Dabara S. Houston from 1981 to 89, and they had one child together. He married Vanessa Griffin in 1990, and they had three children. In 2011, Griffin announced that she had filed for divorce after the aforementioned allegations surfaced, but then withdrew the application, citing religious beliefs and an attempt to rehabilitate her husband.

Bishop Eddie Long died on 15 January 2017, apparently from an aggressive form of cancer.

Eddie Long Net Worth Details & History

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$5 Million

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